Video: AFP launches ObamaCare attacks on four vulnerable Senate Dems

Plus, House Dem wants state exchange to extend enrollment deadline ... indefinitely. Despite the unexpectedly gloomy news coming from the South in the NY Times/Kaiser poll earlier today — or perhaps because it’s difficult to consider credible — the latest push from Americans for Prosperity on ObamaCare mainly targets non-Southern races for the US Senate. New TV spots will go up in Michigan, Colorado, New Hampshire, and […] View the video … [Read more...]

DoJ guidelines on Obama drug-war clemency: 10 years in prison minimum

No "significant" ties to gangs or cartels? The Obama administration’s new clemency efforts became official today, as the Department of Justice announced the start of their revamp of the petition process that could end up commuting thousands of sentences. Deputy Attorney General James Cole promised “an extensive screening system” to identify only those who have served significant time in federal prison for […] Read this post … [Read more...]

Rand Paul on abortion: “We’re not changing any of the laws until the country is persuaded otherwise”

“I think the law will come down in between. I think the public is in the middle.” Via MFP, an eyebrow-raiser from yesterday’s chat with David Axelrod(!) at the University of Chicago. David Corn and Mother Jones are out with another gotcha piece on Paul this morning citing his (mild) criticism of Reagan in the past for not cutting spending more as president, but this clip is more interesting, I think. Knocking […] Read this post … [Read more...]

Video: Feds bust prep-school drug ring

Risky business. Our best schools prepare young men and women for success in the business world with a classical education, but two men from a prestigious prep school in Pennsylvania tried cornering the drug market instead — and not pharmaceuticals. Neil Scott and Timothy Brooks masterminded a drug ring that attempted to control the trade in prep […] View the video … [Read more...]

Has al-Qaeda taken over a secret US base in Libya?

Plus, a "citizens committee" on Benghazi. When losing ground in a war, it’s not unusual to see an enemy make use of one’s facilities and equipment. The report from Eli Lake at the Daily Beast only surprises because the US has insisted that we are not losing ground in the war against al-Qaeda, and still insists that the decapitation of the Moammar […] Read this post … [Read more...]