CHART: LeBron James And Kevin Durant Have Had Remarkably Similar Careers

If we compare their careers by age, we can see that Kevin Durant's first seven seasons in the NBA have been remarkably similar to LeBron James. Using each players total points, rebounds, and assists per 40 minutes, as well as John Hollinger's … [Read More...]

Why America’s Slice Of The Global Stock Market Pie Is Shrinking

Bespoke Investment Group presents a variant of the above chart in a blog post on its website: America's share of world market capitalization has dropped sharply since around March 20, mirroring the rise that occurred over the preceding month. To … [Read More...]

We Just Found These Cool Screenshots That Show What The Internet Looked Like In 1996

18 years ago, in 1995, … [Read More...]

Conan O’Brien’s Elaborate MTV Movie Awards’ Opening Took 3 Weeks To Make

While the "Mad Men" season 7 premiere and "Game of Thrones" aired, MTV also aired its annual Movie Awards. Host Conan O'Brien opened the show with a pre-recorded segment where he met with MTV brass to figure out an opening gag that would work … [Read More...]

US Politics

Carson: White House wanted me to apologize for ‘offending’ Obama – Fox News

UPI.comCarson: White House wanted me to apologize for 'offending' ObamaFox NewsConservative sage Dr. Ben Carson is claiming the White House was offended by his now-famous keynote address at the 2013 National Prayer Breakfast and asked at … [Read More...]

Will immigration undermine Republicans in 2016? – CBS News

Will immigration undermine Republicans in 2016?CBS NewsImmigration has long been a divisive issue that has stymied the GOP, and it is already shaping up to be one of the most challenging issues that Republicans must address in the next … [Read More...]

Obama Cuts Sentence With Typo, Plans More Clemency – ABC News

Washington Post (blog)Obama Cuts Sentence With Typo, Plans More ClemencyABC News"The president believes that one important purpose can be to help correct the effects of outdated and overly harsh sentences that Congress and the American people … [Read More...]

Foreign Policy

Dan Simpson / The latest on US foreign policy – Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Pittsburgh Post-GazetteDan Simpson / The latest on US foreign policyPittsburgh Post-GazetteOnce a year the Department of State, which rented my services as a career Foreign Service Officer for 35 years, provides in Washington a day of briefings … [Read More...]

UN Visa Denials Appendage of US Foreign Policy – Inter Press Service

Inter Press ServiceUN Visa Denials Appendage of US Foreign PolicyInter Press ServiceUNITED NATIONS, Apr 15 2014 (IPS) - The United States has rarely, if ever, denied a visa to a head of state seeking to visit the United Nations to address the … [Read More...]

FBI Movie Warns American Students Overseas Are ‘Tempting and Vulnerable … – Businessweek

New York Daily NewsFBI Movie Warns American Students Overseas Are 'Tempting and Vulnerable ...BusinessweekShriver, who was born in Virginia but grew up in Michigan and studied international relations there, was recruited by Chinese agents … [Read More...]


Pennsylvania Teen Convicted Of A Crime For Recording Bullies At School

CREDIT: Shutterstock A 15-year old boy with ADHD, comprehension delay disorder, and an anxiety disorder recorded classmates bullying him in school. But instead of reprimanding the tormentors, school officials targeted the boy for wiretapping … [Read More...]

While Iowa Was Hellbent On Finding Voter Fraud, It Disenfranchised At Least 12 Legitimate Voters

Iowa Secretary of State Matt Schultz defending two emergency rules he passed at the Statehouse in 2012. CREDIT: AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall Iowa Secretary of State Matt Schultz has made a crusade of going after alleged instances of voter … [Read More...]

On Tax Day, A Reminder That Undocumented Immigrants Pay Billions In Taxes

Two men hold a banner at the April 5th rally in a park near the White House, that reads “Immigrants work for America’s prosperity.” CREDIT: ThinkProgress/ Esther Y. Lee Some are spending Tax Day at their local post office, … [Read More...]

Elections 2012

FILE - This Sept. 12, 2103 file photo shows women linking their arms and sit in a circle to block the intersection of Independence Avenue SE and New Jersey Avenue SE outside the House of Representatives on Capitol Hill in Washingto to protest Congress' inaction on comprehensive and inclusive immigration reform. They are all arrested soon after this images is taken. Latinos and immigration activists are warning of political peril for President Barack Obama and Democrats in the fall election if the president doesn’t curb deportations and allow more immigrants to remain in the U.S. legally, including parents of children who were born in the U.S. or were brought to the country illegally. Many activists say Obama has been slow to grasp the anger and despair building within the Latino community. (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster, File)

Immigration activists urge Obama to act boldly

WASHINGTON (AP) — Latinos and immigration activists are warning of political peril for President Barack Obama and Democrats in the fall election unless the president acts boldly and soon to curb deportations and allow more immigrants to remain … [Read More...]

Forget Policy—Americans Can’t Even Agree on Whether Obama Is Black

According to Next America, a just-released Pew Research Center report, only a little over one-fourth of Americans believe Obama is black. Obama self-identifies as black—he checked the “black, negro, African American” box on the 2010 U.S. … [Read More...]

Senator Rand Paul speaks during the inaugural Freedom Summit meeting in Manchester, New Hampshire

Conservatives Rand Paul, Ted Cruz test U.S. presidential waters in New Hampshire

(This April 12 story was corrected to change name of organizing group in the third paragraph to Americans for Prosperity Foundation from Americans for Prosperity) By Gabriel Debenedetti MANCHESTER, New Hampshire (Reuters) - Conservative … [Read More...]

World News

Putin warns of Ukraine civil war as Kiev moves on rebels – BBC News

BBC NewsPutin warns of Ukraine civil war as Kiev moves on rebelsBBC NewsRussian President Vladimir Putin has warned that Ukraine is "on the verge of civil war" after Kiev sent in troops against pro-Russia separatists. Mr Putin, in a phone call … [Read More...]

Five dead in Calgary’s worst mass murder; son of police officer charged – Toronto Star

Toronto StarFive dead in Calgary's worst mass murder; son of police officer chargedToronto StarCALGARY—The son of a senior Calgary police officer is behind bars after the worst mass murder in the city's history — a bloody night that … [Read More...]

Two Dead as South Korean Ferry Carrying 476 Sinks – TIME

IBNLiveTwo Dead as South Korean Ferry Carrying 476 SinksTIMESouth Korean rescue helicopters fly over a South Korean passenger ship, trying to rescue passengers from the ship in waters off the southern coast of South Korea, on April 16, 2014. … [Read More...]

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Ukrainian Troops Seize Control of Airfield Held by Separatists

On Tuesday, Ukraine launched an offensive against several separatist movements in eastern Ukraine that have sought to declare independence from … [Read More...]

obama census

Yet Another Crazy Conservative Conspiracy Theory Proven Correct

In 2009, in the earliest weeks of President Barack Obama‘s administration, the White House made the controversial decision to take the … [Read More...]


Taibbi: ‘Bush, Hands Down,’ Was Tougher on Corporate America Than Obama Is

First Look Media’s Matt Taibbi talked a lot about Wall Street on Democracy Now! Tuesday, and argued why George W. Bush was much better at … [Read More...]


Census Bureau Changes Health Care Survey Questions Hiding Effects of Obamacare

The Census Bureau, which has been regarded as the source for authoratative and consistent information regarding health insurance data, is … [Read More...]


Here’s One Place Where The Gender Wage Gap Is Actually Shrinking

CREDIT: Shutterstock Across the American population, progress on closing the gender wage gap has stalled for a decade, leaving women making … [Read More...]

The Budget Deficit In March Was The Smallest Since 2000

The United States Treasury building CREDIT: Rchuon24/Creative Commons The federal budget deficit for the first half of this year was $413 … [Read More...]

Retirees Lose Last Shield Against Pension Cuts As Judge Approves Detroit’s Payoff To Banks

CREDIT: AP After rejecting two previous proposals for being too generous to banks, on Friday a federal judge approved Detroit’s plan to … [Read More...]

How Labeling Retirement Plans Like We Label Cigarettes Could Save Workers A Fortune

CREDIT: Shutterstock The financial industry routinely skims tens of thousands of dollars in fees off the top of American workers’ … [Read More...]